High Lights

  • High performance Full HD (1920x 1080P) 2Channel Hidden Installation Type Black Box with supporting GPS and Wi-Fi.
  • Preview, Video Download, Playback Video and Configuration Setting even Firmware Updating…
Get driving companion simple and easy with Wi-Fi !!!
  • Reliable working performance with perfect EMI Noise Shielding design.
  • Specialized Power connector securing firm connection
  • Available with various optional Small size cameras such as Water Proof and Infra red.
 And they can be easily installed without messing up front or side driving view.
  • Smart Format Free File System & Self Diagnose the working status with working logs.
  • Monitoring working Temp. and cut the power when it goes over proper temperature.

High Lights - No Battery Use


  • Black box using FAT file system is requiring Backup power to complete generating and saving the file recording when the power is unexpectedly disconnected. So, it needs the backup power to run the device at least 3 seconds for closing a recording cycle correctly.
 For this usage, usually small size Lithium Ion gum battery, more or less 100mA, or Super Capacity is used.


  • Lithium Ion Battery is quite weak against heat. And the life cycle is short, 3 months guarantee. 
When gets heats, it is swelling up and it can be a cause of shortage. (Please refer to the below image)
  • Super Capacity is safer than Lithium Ion, but size is larger and still short life cycle, about 6 months.
  • And it is a dilemma to check if the back up battery or super capacity is working correctly.
  • If the back up power is not working correctly, the last video can not be generated when the power is disconnected by accident.

Smart Format Free File System makes JS450 available to correctly close recording and saving file without Backup power when the power is disconnected unexpectedly by the impact of accident.


  • GPS Alert in danger zone.
  • Camera Sensor, Lens : 2 Megapixel Resolution / 6 GLASS / F 2.0
  • View Angle : Max 125°(Diagonal)
  • Resolution : Full HD Video Resolution (1920 x 1080, Front and Rear)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Smart Phone App (Android / iOS)
  • No Battery Use
  • Built In G-Sensor
  • Built In High Performance Micro Phone Records Video and Voice at a same time.
  • 30 FPS for FHD+HD
  • Perfect Noise Shielding Cable & Connector
  • 2 Color LED
  • Built In SPEAKER / Voice Guide
  • Motion Sensor
  • Support Max Memory up to 64GB
  • Hidden Type Design
  • Data I/O Port
    – 3 Output / 2 Input
    – Panic Button, Seat Belt, Brake, Rear View Monitoring
    Cf. Can be customized by Customer requirement for Special vehicle.
  • External GPS / Adopting PDOP, HDOP for precise GPS data.
  • 5Pin Connector Type Power Port
    – It allow to provide power stably and better working environment.


Resolution 1920*1080 (FHD)
Optical Lens 120º(D) * 90º(H) * 68º(V), 6 Glass
Display External Display through Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi External USB Type / 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi App Android / iOS
Video format AVI
Format Free Support
Recording frame 30fps
Driving recording time recording 1 minute
Event recording time before 10 seconds ~ after 10 seconds, Total 20 Sec
Storage Micro SD Card (SDHC 4GB ~ 32GB, SDXC 64GB)
3-Axis G-Sensor 3-Axis G-Sensor
GPS specifications GPS specifications
GPS Module Ublox or SiRF IV/V
Embedded patch antenna 29mm x 29mm x 4.0mm
Hot start time  < 1 second
Cold start time  < 35 seconds
Characteristics Characteristics
Input voltage DC 11V ~ 28V
Current consumption 300mA / 12V
Dimension 75(L) * 90(W) * 81(H)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C